Therapeutically Typing


This page may have posts that doesn’t have a category to be placed in. It will be just random posts with topics of me typing [or blabbing] for me to get things out like venting just to get these issues of my chest. It is so “therapeutic” when we can talk about things that are on our minds. Since I am typing and you are reading, then it’s, 

Therapeutically Typing.

tying keyboard

This whole blog site is mainly therapeutic for me, but with whatever I have experienced maybe you can relate, too. Maybe someone is going through or have gone through a similar situation and they find comfort in reading my words. Sometimes I just hold things in and it is an absolute chaotic crap load of thoughts that screams louder when I am silent.

Anything that is emotionally driven to be typed and published can be here. I have a lot of things I need to get out. Everything may not be in order except for sequence to break up a story going on forever. LOL 

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