The EX-Box


Welcome to The Ex-Box


where the Ex didn’t mark the spot. 

A box is a container that can be used to hold information (of secrecy) or to hold objects that you want to protect/keep safe, precious objects or gifts. In our own selfish ways, we all have this box. The box can be symbolic for our mind that has held onto these thoughts. We may have lost the actual items. They may have been damaged or destroyed, but the memories we never let go. They will always remain, in our mind. It’s up to us to reopen that box and share or to forever withhold.


 You know how some people might have a little shoe box stored away in a secret spot in their room, tucked away deep in the closet or kept under their bed. Stuffed with journals, notes passed in class, written letters or poems, emails, pictures, souvenirs, little gifts or keepsakes all for the sake of remembering what was.

I can’t show pictures of them. Maybe someone that resembles them.

All of the guys that have been placed in my EX-Box will range between Ex-lover or Ex-boyfriend. I believe you don’t have to be in an actual boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for it to be considered a “relationship.” I believe it is when two people have a connection or a bond; even emotional or sexual.

In here, you’ll read about them, us (then)/ our relationship, little stories, my thoughts and what was the turning point that opened my eyes. What caused the relationship to end?  Why did they become marked as “The Ex”?

So many people asked me, “Why are you still single?” To avoid explaining, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s in God’s plan or his mysterious ways will always make us wonder.” But it makes me think back and remember my past relationships. Maybe there was something I did wrong, a step I missed, a lesson that has to be learned… I DON’T KNOW!!!

At the end, you really think,

“What did I do wrong?”

“What should I have done differently?”

“Am I to blame?”

“Was it all about sex???”

“Why did he even say those things to me?”

“Did he really love me? or Did I ever love him?”

“What if it was all a game to him?”

“Did I ever really matter?”