Dating Life



The Dating Life

This is the area in my life that everyone wants to know

about my dates and the experiences I had.

How did you two meet? Did you find each other online? Which dating site? Which restaurant did you go to? How did he treat you? What did you feel about him? Did he really walk out of the house wearing that? haha

In some situations, it was  simply hanging out and not what you would consider a date. These guys, I probably met them through a dating site, exchanged emails or just chatted with through the dating site or social media instant messaging system, flirted with at the grocery store or at the bar and exchanged cell phone numbers. In the dating life, you don’t always go on dates with these guys. I don’t know what you would call them: floater, potential date, prospects, candidate or whatever. I kind of like to refer them as floaters.floatingthoughts



They are just floating around until you pick them and place them in a category or even trash the thought of them. “We have been on 3 dates already….Soh What!!!” These guys can’t even be placed in the EX-Box because they never made it far enough to be my man.


kissattheparkSometimes the guy gave me butterflies and some of them made me want to fart really loud and think they’ll run away or just freakin puke on them.

And the few that you want around as a cuddle buddy, a little intimacysil-intimate or just get absolutely wild in the sheets. But with floaters, you never know what would happen or if anything would happen.