Last Minute Prepping for NY


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Whoa! The plane ticket has been purchased and I have 18 days to prepare myself mentally, physically and do some serious packing. You would think 18 days would be plenty of time, but time gets cut in half when you are such a busy buzzing bee.

Simon still insisted that I stay with him to save money. It sounds very kind of him and at the same time a bit creepy. How can you allow anyone to come into your home and have never met them to stay in your house for more than 24 hours? Some people can do it, but I am not one of those people. There are too many undercover thieves sniffing around to take any thing that seems like it has value. Or is it possible his plan was to have me close by to hump me whenever? Whatever his actual intentions are, I need to feel comfortable no matter what. I decided to book a hotel not too far from his place. The place I found with best rates, reviews and desired distance was the Wyndham Garden Sunset Park. It was a total of $317.18 for 2 nights. I decided to stay with Simon the last night since I needed to be in a cab by 5 am on Friday morning. Sheesh! Just imagine if I had to pay for another night of $135 before taxes. I mean at least I would have already met him instead of (kind of) sleeping in the house of a stranger. Oh yeah! He did tell me I will be sleeping in another room with his female friend, Dia Luna. [made up name with meaning].

 Dia Luna is his “best friend” that is a stripper or Exotic dancer. Yeah, ummm… that didn’t make me 100% comfortable. But I certainly can’t judge her. I just never had any friends in that industry. So, I don’t have experience with understanding Exotic_dancerwho they are or pretend to be. I have heard some women (on TV) say they are just women and dancing is a job. Some could be drug addicts and whatever. Nothing but assumptions and this is all coming from the TV. I can say they obviously have tons of self- confidence to be able to be in front a group of men with their legs open or butts in their faces and show off their bodies. I am sure they are women with feelings and probably want to be loved just as I do.

Anyways, I needed to make appointments to get myself together. I called my hair stylist and thankfully she was able to take me on at an unusual time. But most importantly, I need to get waxed! My schedule was getting full and it was more difficult to get booked for my wax appointment with my favorite Wax Specialist, Francesca. She is the only woman I allowed to see and wax my mess of curly pubic hair for a Brazilian wax including the butt strip. The days were going by faster and faster and I was busier by the moment. I thought about contacting my back up lady, Koreen. This little Korean lady may take a lot of time but she is very good when she waxed my full face & eyebrows. I am not a fan of her wax though. I know she is available to put me on her schedule after I get off work. What a mistake that was.

It was Saturday, June 25th, I quickly drove to a European salon to get my pedicure done at 5 pm and my wax appt was scheduled at 6:15 pm. I went there and I think that was the longest Koreen has ever worked on me. She is very talkative but this day was too much talking in our session. I know a lot of people are comfortable talking to me, but I wish she would save it for later. I had to get home and finish packing. She would stop applying wax and then talk. She even begged for me to wait in the middle of our session to work on someone else in between. The session was going to be Full face, armpits and half legs. I truly didn’t care about the rest because I really didn’t have intentions to have sex. So, she was very insistent on waxing my thighs and pubic to the point of her approach being adamant. So I yielded and I freakin’ suffered!

The place I usually receive my wax services has their own wax and it is hard wax made without plastic or other synthetic foolishness. You don’t need any wax cloth strips to remove it. The hard wax does well for me and my results lasts much longer. Soft wax seems to remove the hair from the surface and regrowth is a bit quicker. I don’t know. Maybe that is just me. Koreen uses both soft and hard wax but it is just not the same, even her method & techniques of hair removal were very different; actually strange. I have been getting wax for at least 2 years now.

My fav Fran would have me to scoot down nearly to the edge of the table, Keep my kneesbutterfly pose yoga bent, then drop my knees out to the sides and press the soles of my feet together; butterfly position. In this position, she can wax the inner calves , thighs and have great access to the pubic area and crevices. For the butt strip, I would lay on my right side, with knees bent, left leg further up and my left hand holding my left butt cheek. It’s quick, easy and not as much pain as you would think.

BUT, Koreen had me tore up! She didn’t have me to spread my legs in the same position. When I was about to get in the usual position, she told me, “No, that is not the way I do it. We will do this my way.” I was like, say whaaaaat! She wanted me to lay down with both legs straight and hardly spread them. For the butt strip, I had to get on my hands and knees and bend over like doggie style. The cloth strip to remove the wax was killer. I felt like she was ripping my freakin skin OFF! *One strip of cloth: Snatch, snatch, snatch, all over constantly* I was in so much pain, I tried to hold on to the sides of the treatment table. I held on so tightface and pain, I ended up catching a charlie horse in my upper back by my right shoulder blade. I had to jump off the table because I felt like it my breath was shorten or possibly kick her. OH MY GOSH! I was in Soh much pain. I had an essential oil blend that works great for tension. I told her to rub it on my back. It calmed down, but was terribly sore for a long time. My labia was swollen and my legs hurt. She literally got wax on the inner lips (labia minor) and almost ripped it completely off! I wanted to cry, but there were no tears coming out. This pain was unbelievable and excruciating! You know what she said? “Beauty is pain.” I didn’t want to say anything else to her but just pay and leave, but she still wanted to talk. *rolling my eyes* I wanted cuss the entire time. By this time, I am freakin starving and my intestines were going to come out of my throat, wrap around my neck and drag me out like a dog on a leash.

In my car, I grabbed my phone in frustration with a painful and sore pussy. I was in disbelief I ended up spending extra money on that and I don’t know where I can go grab a quick bite to eat at this time. I just wanted to eat comfort food and lay on my bed with a cold pack for my poor poor pussy.

Nearby, there was this pizza joint I have been to a few times that makes authentic great tasting pizza in wood fired ovens. The ingredients and ovens were shipped from Naples, Italy. I wasn’t sure if they were still open. I went there and remembered the bar called Side Car next to them and I was thankfully able to order. I ordered the PIZZA NAPOLI (Eggplant, roasted red peppers, red onion, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, fresh garlic, basil) along with the Mac-n-cheese. I really love love love (yes, I had to say love 3x) their Mac-n-Cheese (Cavatappi noodles, smoked Gouda, cheddar butter, fresh cream, house-made pesto, cream cheese). Talk about comfort food! Anyways, the pizzeria/ restaurant is V pizza.

As I was waiting for my to go order, I ended up talking to these two ladies at the bar that were approximately 10 years advanced. They introduced themselves and we started chatting away like women usually do. One of them was headed back home to New York, but I believe they were very familiar with Brooklyn. What a coincidence! I told them about my terrible wax experience and that I was going to meet Simon in Brooklyn. I even told them about my blog. What do you know? I got them all hyped up along with a bunch of other women that were all so anxious to see and read about the details of the trip and my union with Simon. If those ladies ever revisit my site and my friends, I apologize for taking such a long time to give you the details of this “Adventure.” My food was ready and they wished me luck and to be safe as I said the same to them.

When I got home, I had the urge to use the bathroom as always, but I was afraid…very very afraid. I had no choice but to go anyway. I looked down at my pantyliner and saw blood. I grabbed my hand mirror and saw my freakin labia major (outer lips) and minor (inner lips) swollen and bleeding. I had nothing but a sad and pitiful face. I remember some other stupid sh*t that came out of her mouth, “I hope you get laid after going through all of this for him.” Who wants to f* a ripped up pussy?!?! I didn’t want to put soap on it. I have these natural feminine wipes [Swipes] with Aloe Vera that are gentle and soothing. Then I used coconut oil with Frankincense and Lavender and I think Melaleuca essential oils. All are natural, soothing, antibacterial and aids in healing.

I ate my dinner of comfort food and went to bed. Sigh…. I will do you a favor and fast forward to Tuesday, June 28th. The day my flight left for NY.

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