Soh, Where art thou?


Hello dear followers! 

I apologize for the huge [I mean Huuuuuuge] gap of publishing posts. I am still pretty new to this and a lot of stuff has happened since my last post. My life was terribly busy, but I mean that in a good way for one area in my life. Business have been keeping me going, going and going. It feels good when you see things moving in a positive direction in certain areas of your life. What happens to rest? Some things just end up taking the backseat, end up in the trunk or completely forgotten about. That is what happened here. 

When I finally started to get back into typing for my blog and then…. BOOM!

I had been hit with PC problems!!!

My computer was not doing well. That made me nervous and not want to type and have everything completely erased in the middle of typing. It was Soh aggravating!

I was getting the B.S.O.D. = Blue Screen Of Death.


Yes it sounds and it was bad. 

I was working on a project for business and my time on the PC was constantly interrupted with this darn screen turning blue with a side ways sad face 😦 and shutting off!!! No warning just *POP!* The blue screen in your face and then it freakin shuts off! I was Soh irritated because the frequency was increasing. First, it seem like once every hour and then approx 45 min all the way to every 10 to 15 min. Just imagine the frustration. I use my laptop to watch movies or shows with my Amazon Prime account and connect it to my television with the HDMI cable. I chose not to have cable because I will feel forced to watch TV. I am not the regular American couch potato wasting valuable time on the nothingness going on with these so called reality shows and etc. It seems more like a waste of money for a busy single woman.

At the time, I was really into this show called True Blood, an original HBO series from 2008 to 2014. I was near the end of Season 5 and it gets crazier with each episode…. and this crap of a blue screen happened. *[It was great entertainment for mature audiences.] The issue was so bad with my PC, I thought it was going to shut down and never come on again. This was the perfect time to just freak out (panic)! So, I just left it there. I was afraid to pay some bills on it or purchase items online. I would imagine if I was in the middle of processing a payment. I would freakin’ go crazy!!! It has happened to me before. I was in the middle of submitting a payment, the PC restarted itself for an update, I submitted the payment again and my bank thought it was fraudulent activities and other payments were frozen until they heard from me to inform them it was me making the transactions. I don’t want to deal with that ever again!

I had spoken with a Technician on the phone for him to fix the problem. I thought it was good until the problem presented itself again! He told me to take it to Best Buy Geek Squad. I was dreading that move. The place is only a mile from my apartment and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was afraid of them telling me a price I couldn’t handle or “Ma’am, at this point, it’ll be best for you to purchase a new PC.” I didn’t wanna hear that. One day, I was in the gym working out and my friend Azula came to mind. I remember her husband is an IT genius and before I knew it, she sent me a text message. Like out of the blue! We discussed my PC issue and made arrangements for her husband to work on it. Well, you see…. Ta da! bunnyhat 

No bunnies, but a PC that is working again.  I am Soh grateful for such an amazing friend and her husband’s abilities.

When I received my PC back, I thought I was going to start typing my life again, but other things were on the priority list and blogging was getting pushed further down my list. Things are more situated and I can breath a little bit more deeper in relief as things get done and checked off the list.

Right now, I am in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for just a little time away and a very important workshop. I thought I would keep you all updated. How often will I be able to publish more posts? I am uncertain of that. Only time will tell. But I hope at least one story published every 2 weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, now would be the perfect time. You will receive email notifications on the blogs once published.  I am still trying to find my way on developing a format with my page. Adding tabs/ pages [with a description of it’s own] is what I have started doing and adding hyperlinks to either a past story or the next to keep you in order. The final hold up is selecting pictures. I am a visual person and it helps for me to express myself visually as well.

Thanks for sticking around! * blowing kisses



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