Mr. Young Oklahoma


My 1st white boyfriend, the country boy

My first step into the swirl zone was with Justin Kennedy. It was 1999 and the second year of being a student of this extremely and comfortably diverse school that was new to the magnet schools list. I was enjoying this level of diversity compared to the predominantly black school, which I was used to and tired of. I’ll tell you why I was tired of attending those schools.

The schools I grew up in, whites were minorities and black were the majority always were very disturbing and very irritating. There was a fight almost everyday over absolute nonsense. People were getting beat up just because they had name brand shoes and they were stolen from them. You would notice some kids walking around in their socks looking messed up from being pinned down and beaten up as the bad kids take their belongings. Even their clothes ripped off their body just because it was name brand! Then you have those who were very disrespectful during class and you just couldn’t learn much of anything. You would have to stay after school or ask teachers for extra assignments just so you can get good grades. Whenever the teacher was  interrupted by student, the teacher would have to take time from teaching the class just to write a referral and send them off to the Dean’s or the principal’s office; which happened quite often. When you have a teacher that wasn’t going to play their game of BS, they would have pop quizzes or assignments that were due by the end of the class. Sometimes they didn’t pay attention they want to try to look on your paper during testing time which could get you in trouble as well. But, a third of the students were not prepared. The students wouldn’t have their books, paper and sometimes their writing utensils.schoolsupp I mean they would constantly borrow from me or other students almost everyday. I was Soh fed up with it,  I decided to bring extra paper, pencils and pens  and charge them for it. coins If my parents asked why I ran out of school supplies, I would have the money to give back to them.  Heck yeah! This little sister wasn’t playing around.  I had to give you an idea of what I dealt with and why I was desperate for change.

Okay, back to the diverse school. I was in classrooms with students, like myself, that was there to learn. They were quiet, attentive, eager and prepared. They were respectful to the teacher and no one tried to over talk them.

     In my junior year (2000-2001), I had some weird medical issue that made my entire right arm swollen. What really concerned me was when I felt a lump on the side of my rib-cage; under my right arm. I went to my mother and brought this issue to her attention. She examined it and felt the same thing. She made an appointment for me to be medically examined by our Family PhysicianThey couldn’t conclude what was wrong, so they gave me an arm sling to keep it elevated. My arm was swollen so bad, I couldn’t use a writing utensil to write anything. So I had to rely on my friends, use their notes and write whatever I could using my left hand. It was kind of a struggle but it wasn’t as bad after a while. I even had a couple of friends tie my shoes for me or had to go to the restroom with me. I was so thankful I had friends that were there for me to tie my shoes and even tie the drawstring of my uniform pants.

One day in a conversation with my friends, I told them that I had a crush on Justin Kennedy. One of them suggested that I write a note to let him know that I like him and to find out if he’s interested. I was so embarrassed because I had to remind them, I couldn’t write and I didn’t want to give him my left handed scribbled words. One of them said, “Okay! I’ll write it for you! But, will you still give it to him?” I told her, “Yes, I will.” So I did and he circled, “Yes.” Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe he was interested in me as well. Justin Kennedy was not the type of high school hunk that every girl wanted. He was a tall white boy about 6’2″, a bit pale with rosacea around his cheeks and he was overweight with glasses but didn’t look too nerdy. He was a country boy from Oklahoma that would wear jeans with plaid shirts, to plain or maybe a T-shirt with a rock band at times or whatever. He wanted everyone to know how different he was and wasn’t afraid to try something new. Sometimes he got his hair colored blue with white frosted tips, red with black tips & black with blond highlights. I guess just to be cool, but it was what he wanted and didn’t care what anyone else thought of him. I believe that is what attracted me to him. Here are some photos to give you an idea.

He was caught off guard with my note expressing interest in him. He thought I was cute and I thought the same thing about him. Well, in a different way lol. The rosacea made it seem like he was blushing all the time haha. I thought that was cute. Whenever we had class together, we sat next to each other and he wrote notes asking me questions about things I like or he would tell me what he liked about me. He was very sweet. He held my hand when we walked in the halls and put his arm around me at times. I felt good being with him and around him. The only part I wasn’t thrilled about was of me sneaking around to talk to him on the phone. On the days he didn’t have to be to work right after school, he would drive me home. Well, more like down the street just in case one of my parents came home early. If they were home early, they would see me walking towards home and not getting out of his little white pickup truck. Mom and dad were not going to hear anything about me even thinking about a boyfriend. I already knew my dad would talk my head off for hours and lock me up by putting me on punishment if he knew I had a “boyfriend.”

This story will continue…

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