Before I fly to NY


     Before Simon and I made plans for me to fly to NY, I asked him how would he be able to spend time with me since he is only closed Sundays & Mondays. I am usually off Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other Sunday. At first he thought about me leaving Saturday after work and return Wednesday. I explained to him that in order for me to request time off, it must be a month in advance. Later on, he told me he didn’t want me to miss any days from work and he didn’t think it would be fair if I did. He believed it would be best that I arrived Tuesday night and leave Friday morning so that I could be able to go to work. Basically, we would have 2 days together. He opens up shop at 4 pm and closes 9 or 10 pm depending on if he is working on a client. I realized there has been times he was there after 10 pm finishing up a client’s tattoo. His idea for spending time together was to go out Tuesday night when I arrive and maybe grab something to eat for dinner. Wednesday, we could hang out and he show me around town for a few hours prior to opening the tattoo shop and hanging out for dinner after he closes. There has been several times he would hang out after work.  He asked me if I had any idea of what I wanted to do there. I told him it’s been  years (the summer of 9/11), so maybe the September 11 Memorial, museum or a nice park.

So, he assured me that he will take charge, plan things out to go about the city, even cook for me one night and that we’ll have a great time.  In my mind, I’m thinking, This dude seems like he’s got it together, taking charge and planning the agenda for our outings/ dates. Okay, I’m a bit impressed. I haven’t heard any guy doing that for me, EVER! Oh, Did I mention he was a chef years ago and he owned a restaurant for a couple of years? 

Now, don’t think it was easy getting me on board with this idea of flying across states to meet a guy. A guy that is 23 years my senior which is COMPLETELY outside of my dating range at 54 years of age. A guy that was married for 20 years and has been divorced for 8 years with 4 sons and his eldest being in my dating range at 28 years old; soon to be 29. I was really trying to come to terms with his age. At this point, I’m not yet sold on the age difference, because I can’t see him in his daily routine to see if he could keep up. But I have met men his age or more advanced that looks amazing and is in great shape. I found myself typing on Google search engine to see celebrity couples with age gaps between their spouses. I’ll admit, I’m really trying to convince myself to get over his age. As they all say, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” haha Not in every case. I checked out a few sites and this was the first one I took my time with

You should be able to click the link or you probably have to copy and paste that into your browser. Anyways, after viewing and reading the brief descriptions on the celebrity couples, I figured I would give it a try.

The other big deal was paying my way to get there. I am a single woman paying all of my bills. I have to be careful with budgeting to take a trip. Thankfully, I have enough miles to redeem with American Airline for a round trip. Simon, insisted that he pay for my plane ticket because it’s the gentleman thing to do. I tried to discuss it with him further for me to redeem my miles.

“I have been very disappointed several times meeting men from online dating sites. They didn’t look the same as the pictures they posted and I couldn’t stand looking at them during the date. So, I don’t want either of us to spend a lot of money and one or both of us end up being disappointed. I am so fed up with the way guys are with paying for dinner and trying to have me for dessert. I have decided to pay for my own dinner.”

Once again, he said he will pay for the ticket since I am coming to see him and he will pay for our meals. He stated that he would be insulted if a woman paid for her meal that is out with him. Simon said, “The worst that could come out of this is us becoming good friends.” I slowly put one foot forward. “Okay, okay I will think about it a little more and at least check to see if the arrival and departure times would be compatible to my needs to make this work for my schedule.”

A few days went by and I thought it would be best for us to check our calendars to see which dates would work best for us. He wanted to see me before July, because he felt like he couldn’t wait that much longer to meet me. calendarjuneSimon informed me,

“It couldn’t be on this date because my youngest son is graduating from High School. It couldn’t be on this date because of Father’s Day and not on this day because that’s my ex wife’s birthday. Oh! By the way, we have a family gathering every year for my ex wife’s birthday. We are still very good friends.” After viewing our calendars thoroughly, we decided June 28- July 1, 2016 would be the best. I discussed it with my manager and she gave me the thumbs up. I researched direct flights by JetBlue through my travel agent sites and ta da! I found the perfect flights that were compatible to exactly what I need. I didn’t inform him until almost a week later because of a bit uncertainty still lingering within me.

Thoughts: Am I really going through with this? Could this be possible? I can’t believe I am even considering this after recently turning Phil down because of distance and he lives in Orlando. That’s only 2½ hours away. [I’ll blog about Phil later]. If all goes well, then would I be able to withstand the aches and pains of long distance relationships (LDR)? Can I be a step-mother to his 4 sons/boys/men? If we go further in the relationship, we would have to fly back and forth from FL to NY. Will I even be happy IF I moved to NY? Marriage would have to be in the works for me to move. He’s been established as a business owner of his tattoo shop since the late 90’s. He is firmly planted there and that will mean I would have to move.

Geeez so many thoughts running through my head!!!!!    I definitely don’t want to become that type of person that doesn’t ever stick their toe out of their comfort zone and try something different. Besides all of that, I have been planning on traveling more since I am now a Travel Agent. Heck, it’s New York! There is a lot to see and do. It’s crazy funny that I’m going to New York after watching all of the Sex and The City episodes on DVD’s, thanks to a dear friend.

Am I excited? Yes and nervous as heck! I do kind of like the guy and in such of a way, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

Okay! Here goes! June 10th, on a Friday evening after I finished work, I went home and sent him a text message to let him know I have my laptop open and ready. He replied, “Okay baby, I’ll call you as soon as I get home. I’m out with my [eldest] son.” He called me approx an hour later to to complete the transaction. The total was $345 with taxes and fees. He gave me his credit card info and I read the summary before submitting the payment. He gave me the okay and the transaction was complete. I received the email confirmation and I also forwarded it to him for his records. I was able to sleep well that evening and I actually felt at peace.

A day or two went by and I thought about the next big deal, where will I sleep?

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