Intro to Soh



     Hey everyone! SOH what’s happening? I am a single, thirty-one year old woman of a beautiful brown complexion with a touch of gold who thought would be married by twenty-five years of age. I have never been married nor received a ring of engagement. No child has ever been birthed from my womb, but many from my mind with desires to experience such life events of being a wife and mother.

     Today, I have finally decided to open up in a completely different way by blogging. Blogging or posting something like a journal publicly. This is a way for some people I know to get caught up by reading about what’s happening or what has happened in my life without social media. You’ll find my blogs to be a bit informal, personal, raw, good, bad, moments of tears, being naive, confusion, sex, temptation, pain, joy, fear, excitement, adventure, inspiration, my struggles, online dating/ (interracial) dating in these days, love, bitterness, understanding and forgiveness is all revealed from my life.

You will see me by the way your mind will allow. I am SOH, pronounced as so.20150314_181207. These letters are the first initials of my first, middle and last name. I will use this personal acronym to describe the way I feel (like an adjective), a situation, as my name or just a simple statement. (Example: I feel SOH beautiful in this dress). Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away because you will; it’s just me. If you know my name good for you 👍. I don’t feel it’s necessary to post it at this time.
This blog is about my single life, SOH single. Lol I’m trying my best to focus on myself and enhancing my skills, being creative, digging deeper into fitness,  you might even catch some food blogs, Masterdating (dating yourself)  😮 growing spirituality, making mistakes and trying to learn from them, embracing who I am and etc. This could turn out to be like, Sex and The City but with my stories. It’s just girl talk which can get a little dirty.
I’m not an English major, professional writer or even an enthusiastic journalist, “Reporting to you live, from THE local station!” lol. In other words, don’t expect an experienced novelist. 😜 I’m just going to be real with you. Also, don’t expect the blogs to be in any timeline order, I’m just putting it out there; whatever I want to share and whenever. I can’t promise a certain amount of blogs to be published daily, weekly or monthly because I am a very busy woman. Stay tuned!

Heads up! Some blogs can get a little explicit. If you are related to me or know me and don’t want to read certain things about me or my thoughts in a sexual nature, some posts can make you feel uncomfortable. Please don’t read beyond this Intro post! I will have another blog site for the clean version. Coming soon.

*keep in mind, I will include photos and I will not use the real names of the men I have dated or my friends.

—-Recently, I added pages (tabs) on my blog site. I like to refer to them as chapters. Each chapter will have it’s own intro. It is just a brief summary of the other stories you may read about that will fall under it. Also, I will include a hyperlink of any other stories that has been broken up and continued to keep that story-line in order so it makes sense. It’s still a working progress. Thanks for visiting my site and reading.

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