I’m a young, single, professional black woman simply sharing my stories/ struggles & etc of dating in North Florida. I’m totally about that Swirl Life, which means chocolate swirls with vanilla like the ice-cream machine. In other words, I am attracted to and date men outside of my race such as White/ Caucasian, Latin & Asian including Middle Eastern. It’s nothing new! So keep calm, it’s not a fetish. I’ve been attracted to them since elementary school. You would think it would be easier dating other races nowadays. But for black women, it’s still difficult.

I welcome both men & women to read my blogs. My stories could help you, others, and even myself therapeutically. Negative comments are not welcomed, EVER!  I am not judging you, so don’t judge me. Before you read any of my blogs, please be sure to read my Introduction post first, Intro to Soh


*If you know my name and decide to leave comments, please address me as, Soh.

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